Improve performance and productivity with our exclusive business courses

Our exclusive training tools are specifically designed to improve your staff’s performance and productivity. Our accredited trainers are considered leaders in their field, and will adapt their courses to suit you and what your business needs.

From business communication and management training, to email and marketing skills, we have the right training product to meet your needs. Our courses include:

Building Exceptional Teams

Disc profiling & team integration

This one-day session explores individual workplace behaviour and values and how these are manifest when working in a team. Your staff will understand each other, build trust and work together as a motivated and effectively functioning unit.

Effective Communication

Developing your staff’s communication skills to enhance performance

Clear, confident and assertive communication is at the core of success for any business. Enhance the effectiveness of your team’s communication.


Mastering the art of negotiation

Learning how to influence and persuade others is one of the most valuable transferable skills your staff can possess.

Working With Others

Developing personal effectiveness in dealing with difficult people

Practical strategies for ensuring your staff stay on top and in control when faced with the inevitable obstacle of dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.

Developing & Retaining People

Develop and retain your high-performance team

Find out how to motivate and inspire struggling teams and retain top performing teams.

Business Etiquette

The art of manners in your business

Polish your staff’s etiquette skills and improve their professional image.

Email Matters

Bad email is bad business

Learn everything you need to know about the importance of email, the need for ‘e’ policies, record keeping requirements and the management of email risks.

Credit Training Programs

Debtor health checks

A debtor health check for your organisation and then rolling out a specific program to suit your company on improving the credit/debtor function.

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