Please explain?

Basically, we use psychometrics to assess personality, attitudes and beliefs, academic achievement, and various health-related aspects of candidate suitability. It’s all about providing an additional measure that ensures we have a candidate with the right personality and skill fit for the role on offer.

Psychometrics can be applied to critical HR issues such as these:

  • How to ensure the hire of the best performers
  • How to align employees to the organisational goals and values
  • How to analyse a job beyond the basic job description
  • How to manage high achievers
  • How to understand the impact of change
  • How to create client value through human capital optimisation.

Scientific psychometric assessment

Trace Psychometrics adds value by providing a scientific psychometric assessment methodology developed by Thomas International and other reputable providers of psychometric assessments, assessment centres and developmental programs.

Effective results can be achieved in:

  • Recruiting, managing, developing and promoting with the highest level of efficacy
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Improving retention and the return in employment investment
  • Implementing fully integrated, sustainable HR management processes
  • Benefitting from in-depth local and international experience
  • Customising assessment centre solutions for the various areas of discipline within the business
  • Assuring that assessment centre outcomes become critical and measurable in the effective management of talent
  • Customising cost- and time-effective post-assessment interventions.

Start eliminating the guesswork now!

If you’d like more information on how you can use Trace Psychometrics to eliminate the guesswork of measuring performance – let us know!